EYELIKE was founded in 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chrystaline Lukman and Desti Wow sat in a car and talked about misplacing their reading glasses all the time. That was how EYELIKE was born.

The girls went to buy some materials to craft their own glasses chains, made from different materials such as string, beads, chains. It didn’t take long for Jakarta to pick up this trend that became EYELIKE.

In 2015 both Chrystaline and Desti moved to Bali and took the brand with them. Living between beaches, palm trees and mountains the designs of the glasses chains changed naturally into feeling more grounded. With the help of a family of Balinese craftsmen they collaborate along the way, different techniques could be developed to show a more crafty, more handmade side of the brand.

In 2020 Chrystaline moved back to Berlin. The decision follows that EYELIKE will set foot in Berlin to expand to the international market. 

The new collection ‘To Begin Again’ launched in August 2021 with new products, the Phone Necklaces.

EYELIKE doesn’t just bring new products but also a more ethical approach. As much as possible, the materials being used are sourced locally, long lasting & natural. EYELIKE has a eco-friendly line where the materials used are using upcycled items and/or, recycle-able. EYELIKE craftsmen works under fair wages and in healthy working environment, in a small family scale. EYELIKE’s packaging is plastic free to reduce plastic waste. Parts of the brands earning go to AMAN, an organization that supports indigenous people in Indonesia.

Right now, both Chrystaline and Desti are designing the collection from Bali dan Ibiza where they reside, while all production are handmade in EYELIKE studio by a team of craftsmen in Bali. EYELIKE plans for the future is to be part of a new, more sustainable fashion world.