EYELIKE was founded in 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chrystaline Lukman and Desti Wow sat in a car and talked about misplacing their reading glasses all the time. That was how EYELIKE was born.

The girls went to buy some materials to craft their own glasses chains, made from different materials such as string, beads, chain. It didn’t take long for Jakarta to pick up this trend that then became EYELIKE.

In 2016 both Chrystaline and Desti moved to Bali and took the brand with them. The idea arose to add another product to the brand that fitted perfectly in the brands concept: Function meets Fashion. The phone necklace similar as the eyewear strap is a product that has a function: to make your life easier!

2020 Chrystaline moved back to her Birthplace: Berlin. The decision is made that EYELIKE will have a Rebirth here in Berlin. Europe, here we are!

A few words from Chrystaline:

EYELIKE is my vehicle to share something of me with the world. Berlin and Bali play a big role in my story.

I was born in Berlin with an Chinese-Indonesian background. When I look back at my life, I can see that I was confronted with a lot of difficulties, growing up into such mixed cultures. Feelings of not belonging and being out of place accompanied me my whole life. I moved to Indonesia in search of something, I didn’t know what. Bali was love at first sight. I came to love the people, the food, the nature of this beautiful country altogether. I feel a deep connection to Indonesia and EYELIKE is a product of that. We work with Indonesian craftsmen (read more here) and other locals to bring work to the country.

During my travels I learned so much about me, other people and the world that I finally feel settled in myself. I am in love with learning about cultures and traditions. I believe there is much to learn from the indigenous and how they live their lives much closer to nature then us. That is why we donate to AMAN.

EYELIKE is my love letter to the world.