We have been working with a craftsmen family in Bali for a long time. They have grown close to us and us to them. We admire the skills they have and the degree of craftsmanship and like to include these into our products. On some products you can see it more and on some less. 

EYELIKE sources its materials thoughtfully. We spend time and energy into becoming more and more sustainable. Like everything else in life, this is a process in itself. We use only stainless steel as a metal because it's 100% recyclable. Stainless steel is not as toxic as other metals and doesn't pollute the earth or water if it got dumped into the garbage. The best thing about it is of course that it doesn't rust, lose it's shine, give allergies or break easily.

We also love to use natural materials like stones, pearls, shells and threads. We are still using animal leather at the moment because of its quality but we are experimenting with non-animal leather and will make the switch in the future.